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Construction Insurance Partners is a full service Wrap-Up (OCIP and CCIP) agent, administrator and consultant for all types of construction Wrap-ups. CIP works directly with Independent Agents and Brokers to assist on all levels of Wrap-up services for their clients and prospects. The Construction Insurance Partners (CIP) team has been involved in the development, marketing and servicing of many controlled insurance programs. The CIP team has worked on projects with construction values totaling in excess of $30 Billion. CIP is currently servicing approximately 68+ wrap-ups nationwide with over $10 Billion in construction values. Agents and Brokers can choose from various levels of services ranging from Sales Presentations; Wrap-up Contracts, Enrollment and Administration set-up, Coverage placement (CIP has contracts with most Wrap-up carriers) , Site Safety coordination, Claims Management, Contractor insurance credit processing, and Carrier payroll reporting. Wrap-up Enrollment and Administration information is processed through our Internet web based “PRISM” program.

CIP Scope of Services

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CCIP vs. Traditional Comparison

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OCIP vs. CCIP Comparison

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